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Evolution support in heterogeneous service-oriented landscapes


We present an approach that provides automatic or semi-automatic support for evolution and change management in heterogeneous legacy landscapes where (1) legacy heterogeneous, possibly distributed platforms are integrated in a service oriented fashion, (2) the coordination of functionality is provided at the service level, through orchestration, (3) compliance and correctness are provided through policies and business rules, (4) evolution and correctness-by-design are supported by the eXtreme Model Driven Development paradigm (XMDD) offered by the jABC (Margaria and Steffen in Annu. Rev. Commun. 57, 2004)—the model-driven service oriented development platform we use here for integration, design, evolution, and governance. The artifacts are here semantically enriched, so that automatic synthesis plugins can field the vision of Enterprise Physics: knowledge driven business process development for the end user.

We demonstrate this vision along a concrete case study that became over the past three years a benchmark for Semantic Web Service discovery and mediation. We enhance the Mediation Scenario of the Semantic Web Service Challenge along the 2 central evolution paradigms that occur in practice: (a) Platform migration: platform substitution of a legacy system by an ERP system and (b) Backend extension: extension of the legacy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Order Management System (OMS) backends via an additional ERP layer.


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