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Table 3 Analyzed projects (transverse dimension: domains of software)

From: Relationships between design problem agglomerations and concerns having types and domains of software as transverse dimensions

Domain Project Description Period N-files
Graph JanusGraph a Highly scalable graph database 2017-04–2018-10 5657
  Neo4J b High performance graph store with all the 2018-09–2018-12 26497
   features expected of a robust database   
  Titan c Database optimized for storing and querying 2012-06–2015-09 3570
   large graphs   
Timeseries OpenTSDB d Distributed, scalable timeseries Database 2015-11–2018-12 1440
  KairosDb e Fast distributed scalable timeseries database written 2015-11–2018-11 1884
   on top of Cassandra   
  Timely f Timeseries database that provides secure access 2016-06–2017-08 827
   to timeseries data   
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  2. bhttps: //
  3. chttps: //
  4. dhttps: //
  5. ehttps: //
  6. fhttps: //