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Table 7 The 10 most frequent aspect expressions in reviews of each category from the Amazon dataset

From: An aspect-driven method for enriching product catalogs with user opinions

camera (General) dvd (General) laptop (General) router (General)
picture (Imaging) player (General) computer (General) product (General)
feature (Other) product (General) windows (Software) linksys (General)
canon General) picture (Video) screen (Screen) setup (Other)
photo (Imaging) movie (Video) keyboard (Other) connection (Frequency Band)
video (Display) price (Price) price (Price) range (Coverage Area)
lens (Zoom) sony (General) machine (Other) wireless (Frequency Band)
battery (Power) feature (Other) hp (General) feature (Other)
nikon (General) disc (Format) asus (General) speed (Speed)
price (Price) sound (Audio) ram (Memory) network (Frequency Band)