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Table 1 Example of text segmented into subtopics

From: Update summarization: building from scratch for Portuguese and comparing to English

[S1 ] A plane crash in Bukavu, in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, killed 17 people on Thursday afternoon, said the spokesman of the United Nations.
[S2 ] The victims of the accident were 14 passengers and three crew members.
[S3 ] Everyone died when the plane, hampered by the bad weather, failed to reach the runway and crashed in a forest that was 15 kilometers from the airport in Bukavu.
[S4 ] The plane exploded and caught fire, said the UN spokesman in Kinshasa, Jean-Tobias Okala.
[S5 ] “There were no survivors”, said Okala.
[S6 ] The spokesman said the plane, a Soviet Antonov-28, of Ukrainian manufacturing and under ownership of the Trasept Congo, a Congolese company, also took a mineral load.
[S7 ] According to airport sources, the crew members were Russian.