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Table 10 Reasons for dropout from Computing courses

From: Influence of algorithmic abstraction and mathematical knowledge on rates of dropout from Computing degree courses

Classification Question number Item
Socioeconomic issues 1 Impossibility of conciliating work and study
2 Financial difficulties
15 Non-receipt of financial support
Vocational issues 3 Change to a course in different field
4 Lack of affinity with the course
5 Dedication to other studies
6 Lack of identification with professionals in this area
Institutional issues 7 Criteria for the evaluation of students were unsuitable or very rigid
9 Difficulties in mathematics-related subjects
8 Difficulties in subjects related to programming and algorithms
10 Difficulties in other subjects
11 Lack of information on subjects covered by the course
12 Unsuitable physical infrastructure within the institution
13 Relationship difficulties with professors/staff
14 Difficulties in understanding lecturers
Family/personal/health issues 17 Family distance
18 Affective disorders
20 Relationship difficulties with colleagues
21 Health problems (yours or a relative’s)
Other issues 16 Transfer to another institution, while continuing the same course
19 Change of municipality