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Table 10 Comparison between human evaluation and the proposed Kalman filtering with DES algorithm

From: A model for inference of emotional state based on facial expressions

File Classifications
Human System
s2_ha_2 Happiness Happiness
s25_fe_2 Fear Fear
s29_ha_3 Happiness Happiness
s38_an_1 Anger Anger
s38_fe_3 Fear Fear
s42_sa_1 Sadness Sadness
s43_an_2 Anger Anger
s43_an_3 Anger Anger
s43_an_4 Anger Anger
s43_fe_2 Fear Fear
s43_ha_1 Happiness Happiness
s43_sa_1 Sadness Sadness
s43_sa_3 Sadness Sadness
s43_sa_4 Sadness Sadness
s43_sa_5 Sadness Anger