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Determining what sets of trees can be the clique trees of a chordal graph

Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society201118:48

Received: 24 October 2011

Accepted: 31 October 2011

Published: 22 November 2011


Chordal graphs have characteristic tree representations, the clique trees. The problems of finding one or enumerating them have already been solved in a satisfactory way. In this paper, the following related problem is studied: given a family of trees, all having the same vertex set V, determine whether there exists a chordal graph whose set of clique trees equals . For that purpose, we undertake a study of the structural properties, some already known and some new, of the clique trees of a chordal graph and the characteristics of the sets that induce subtrees of every clique tree. Some necessary and sufficient conditions and examples of how they can be applied are found, eventually establishing that a positive or negative answer to the problem can be obtained in polynomial time. If affirmative, a graph whose set of clique trees equals is also obtained. Finally, all the chordal graphs with set of clique trees equal to are characterized.


Chordal graphClique treeMinimal separatorClique