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A systematic review of named entity recognition in biomedical texts

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Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society201117:31

  • Received: 5 August 2010
  • Accepted: 3 February 2011
  • Published:


Biomedical Named Entities (NEs) are phrases or combinations of phrases that denote specific objects or groups of objects in the biomedical literature. Research on Named Entity Recognition (NER) is one of the most disseminated activities in the automatic processing of biomedical scientific articles. We analyzed articles relevant to NER in biomedical texts, in the period from 2007 to 2009, through a systematic review. The results identify the main methods in the recognition of Biomedical NEs, features and methodologies for a NER system implementation. Aside from the tendencies identified, some gaps are detected that may constitute opportunities for new studies in the area.


  • Parsing
  • Named entity
  • Recognition
  • Biomedical