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Content distribution in trail-aware environments

  • Jader M. Silva1,
  • João H. Rosa1,
  • Jorge L. V. Barbosa1Email author,
  • Débora N. F. Barbosa2 and
  • Luiz A. M. Palazzo3
Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society201016:15

Received: 25 November 2009

Accepted: 3 June 2010

Published: 11 July 2010


In mobile computing environments, the tracking of users allows applications to adapt to the contexts visited by users (Context Awareness). In recent years, the use of context information and users’ profiles has been considered an opportunity for context-aware content management. The improvement and the wide adoption of location systems are stimulating the tracking of users, allowing the use of Trails. A trail is the history of the contexts visited by a user during a period. This article proposes a model for trails management and its application in the content management. In this text, we consider that Trail-Aware is an evolution of the simple use of contexts and profiles. The text presents a prototype and its application in an educational environment for distribution of learning objects using trail-aware.


Mobile computingContext awarenessTrailsContent distribution