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  • Open Access

Aspects of planning support for human-agent coalitions

  • 1, 2 and
  • 1, 2
Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society15:BF03194512

  • Received: 12 September 2009
  • Accepted: 22 December 2009


This paper analyses aspects associated with the development of joint human-agent planning agents, showing that they can be implemented, in a unified way, via a constraint-based ontology and related functions. The constraints’ properties have already been used by several planning approaches as an option to improve their efficiency and expressiveness. This work demonstrates that such properties can also be employed to implement collaborative concepts, which are maintained transparent to the planning mechanisms. Furthermore, the use of constraints provides several facilities to the implementation of advanced mechanisms associated with the human interaction, as also demonstrated here.


  • multiagent planning
  • collaboration
  • constraint-based ontology
  • human-agent interaction