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  • Open Access

Architecture for animation of affective behaviors in pedagogical agents

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Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society15:BF03194509

  • Received: 15 March 2009
  • Accepted: 30 July 2009


This article introduces an open-source module responsible for the presentation of verbal (speech) and corporal (animation) behaviors of animated pedagogical agents. This module can be inserted into any learning environment regardless of application domain and platform, being executable under different operating systems. It was implemented in Java as a reactive agent (named Body agent) that communicates with the agent’s Mind through a language known as FIPA-ACL. Therefore, it may be inserted into any intelligent learning environment that is also capable to communicate using FIPA-ACL. Persistence of information is ensured by XML files, increasing the agent’s portability. The agent also includes a mechanism for automatically updating new behaviors and characters once available in the server. A simulation environment was conceived to test the proposed agent.


  • animated pedagogical agents
  • emotions
  • affective computing
  • lifelike agents.