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Modularizing communication middleware concerns using aspects

  • Cristiano Amaral Maffort1Email author and
  • Marco Tulio de Oliveira Valente1
Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society13:BF03194258


Software engineers often rely on communication middleware platforms to design and implement distributed systems. However, middleware functionality is usually invasive, pervasive and tangled with business-specific concerns. In this paper, we describe an aspect-oriented distributed programming system that encapsulates middleware services provided by Java RMI and Java IDL. The proposed system, called DAJ, handles the basic service provided by such object-oriented middleware platforms, i.e., synchronous remote calls using call by-serialization and call by-remote-reference semantics. The paper documents our experience in using DAJ to modularize middleware concerns from three legacy distributed systems.


aspectsseparation of concernsdistributionMiddleware