Open Access

Regularized implicit surface reconstruction from points and normals

  • B. Mederos1Email author,
  • M. Lage2,
  • S. Arouca2,
  • F. Petronetto2,
  • L. Velho1,
  • T. Lewiner2 and
  • H. Lopes2
Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society13:BF03194253


We consider the problem of surface reconstruction of a geometric object from a finite set of sample points with normals. Our contribution is to present a new scheme for implicit surface reconstruction. Similarly to the multilevel partition of unity (MPU) method we hierarchically divide the domain obtaining local approximation for the object on each part, and then patch all together obtaining a global description of the object. Our new scheme uses ridge regression and weighted gradient one fitting techniques to get better stability on local approximations. The method behaves reasonably on sparse set of points and data with holes as those which comes from 3D scanning of real objects.


Computer graphicsImplicit modelingSurface reconstructionPartition of unityRidge regression