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Open Access

A method for model based test harness generation for component testing

  • Camila Ribeiro Rocha1 and
  • Eliane Martins1
Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society14:BF03192549


We present a model-based testing approach that allows the automatic generation of test artifacts for component testing. A component interacts with its clients through provided interfaces, and request services from other components through its required interfaces. Generating a test artifact that acts as though it were the client of the component under test is the easiest part, and there already exists tools to support this task. But one needs also to create substitute of the server components, which is the hardest part. Although there are also tools to help with this task, it still requires manual effort. Our approach provides a systematic way to obtain such substitute components during test generation. Results of the application of the approach in a real world component are also presented.


Component testingModel based testingStubsTest Case Generation