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Return channel for the Brazilian digital television system-terrestrial

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Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society13:BF03192403


    Recently, it has been proposed the use of WiMAX for the return channel in digital television systems using a new frequency profile bellow 1 GHz, which has been calledWiMAX-700. The profile operates from 400 MHz to 960 MHz as primary band, which includes the UHF band, and optionally from 54 MHz to 400 MHz as secondary band. This work presents some aspects of the WiMAX-700 technology and some simulation results of models designed to determine the system capacity concerning the number of actives subscriber stations, according to specific proposed scenarios, traffic sources profiles, specifics propagation, and coverage conditions. The results presented in this work provide elements to determine the suitability of WiMAX-700 technology as the return channel for the interactive digital television applications.


    • WiMAX-700
    • IEEE 802.16
    • 700MHz profile
    • Digital Television Systems
    • Return Channel
    • NS-2