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On synthesizing test cases in symbolic real-time testing


Test synthesis (or test generation) can be described as follows: from a formal specification of an implementation under test (IUT), and from a test purpose describing behaviors to be tested, the aim is to synthesize test cases to be executed in order to check whether theIUT conforms to its formal specification, while trying to control theIUT so that it satisfies the test purpose. In this paper, we study the synthesis of test cases for symbolic real-time systems. By symbolic, we mean that the specification of theIUT contains variables and parameters. And by realtime, we mean that the specification of theIUT contains timing constraints. Our method combines and generalizes two testing methods presented in previous work, namely: 1) a method for synthesizing test cases for (non-symbolic) real-time systems, and 2) a method for synthesizing test cases for (non-real-time) symbolic systems.


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