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A Lua-based AOP infrastructure

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Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society11:BF03192379


    In this paper we describe an aspect-oriented infrastructure to handle dynamic AOP based on the Lua language. This infrastructure is composed of AspectLua, a Lua extension that allows the declaration of aspects, and a meta-object protocol, LuaMOP, that unifies the introspective and reflective mechanisms provided by Lua. Aspects are defined in isolation using AspectLua and then they are weaved through LuaMOP. An important feature of AspectLua is to allow the association of aspects with undeclared elements of the application code (anticipated join points). Furthermore, it combines a range of features to make AOP easier and powerful.


    • MOP
    • Reflection
    • AOP
    • Dynamic AOP
    • Lua
    • Antecipated Join Points