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Application of a formal testing methodology to wireless telephony networks

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Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society10:BF03192359


    This paper presents the application of a formal testing methodology to protocols and services for wireless telephony networks. The methodology provides a complete and integrated coverage of all phases of the testing procedure: specification, test generation, and test execution on a given architecture. It permits to perform conformance and interoperability testing detecting different kinds of implementation faults, as for instance output and transmission faults. The test execution is performed in the framework of a set of architectures capable to deal with different environments.

    Telecommunication systems and mobility are the main focus of the application presented in this paper. Two case studies illustrates the application of the methodology to a wireless telephone network: conformance and interoperability testing of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) protocols and services based on the subscriber location.


    • component testing
    • conformance testing
    • interoperability testing
    • formal methods
    • location based services
    • mobile services
    • WAP
    • telephony networks