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Table 1 Inputs, outputs, resources, roles and tasks of CDAO activity

From: ScrumOntoBDD: Agile software development based on scrum, ontologies and behaviour-driven development

Inputs • Application Domain Documents (ADD)
• User Stories in Natural Language (USNL)
Outputs • Ubiquitous Language Terminology (ULT)
Resources • Ontology Languages (OL)
• Ontology Tools (OT)
• Domain Reference Ontologies (DRO)
Roles • Ontology Engineer (OE)
• Domain Expert (DE)
• Product Owner (PO)
Tasks (a) Search ontologies to select or create a DRO for the application domain;
(b) Successively specialize DRO based on application domain characteristics;
(c) Validate the created domain application ontologies; and
(d) Extract the main ULT from these ontologies.