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Table 1 List of VANET simulators. The ones in gray (last release after 2015) are covered in detail in this work

From: VANET simulators: an updated review

Simulator Last release License Network simulator Mobility simulator
NetSim 2021 proprietary own SUMO
Veins 2020 open-source OMNeT++ SUMO
Eclipse MOSAICFootnote

Eclipse MOSAIC is open source; however, its previous version VSimRTI had some features exclusive for the commercial version

2020 open-source NS-3, OMNeT++, SUMO and VISSIM
    SND and Eclipse MOSAIC Cell  
EstiNet 2020 proprietary own own
ezCar2X 2020 proprietary NS-3 SUMO
VENTOS 2018 open-source OMNeT++ SUMO
VANETsim 2017 open-source own own
GrooveNet 2013 open-source NS-2 own
VNS 2012 open-source NS-3, OMNet++ own
iTETRIS 2010 open-source NS-3 SUMO
NCTUns 2010 proprietary NS-2 own
CityMob 2009 open-source NS-2 own
TraNS 2009 open-source NS-2 SUMO
FreeSim 2008 open-source NS-3 own
STRAW 2007 open-source JiST/SWAN own
VanetMobiSim 2007 open-source NS-2 CanuMobiSim