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Table 1 Usability issues. Source: the authors

From: Usability evaluation model of an application with emphasis on collaborative security: an approach from social dimensions

Construct Item
Efficient use 1 It was simple to use this app.
2 It was easy to find the information I needed.
3 It was easy to type the messages and insert images into the app.
4 The information on the application screen is well organized.
Ease of learning 5 It was easy to learn how to use the app.
6 The symbols and buttons are intuitive enough.
7 I understood how the app works the first time I used it.
Ease of remembering 8 I can quickly remember how to use the app after a while.
Error handling 9 Whenever I made a mistake using the app, I could undo it easily and quickly.
10 The app offered error messages that clearly told me how to fix the issues.
11 The information (such as online help onscreen messages and other documentation) offered by the app was clear.
Efficiency 12 The app quickly loads the information on the screen.
13 The messages were sent quickly.
14 I was able to complete tasks quickly using the app.
Effectiveness 15 The app information was effective in helping me complete the tasks.
16 The application has not stopped working or has ever closed.
17 I believe it could quickly improve community surveillance with the app.
Satisfaction 18 The application interface is nice.
19 I enjoyed using the application interface.
Acceptance 20 I am satisfied with the application and intend to continue using it.
21 I want to encourage others to use this app.