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Table 9 MISRA C:2012 violations purged by false positive and false defect. The table reports on rule description and Number of violations inside the code

From: Development and validation of a safe communication protocol compliant to railway standards

MISRA C:2012 rule N° of violations
MISRA C:2012 11.3 (Required) A cast shall not be performed between a pointer to object type and a pointer to a different object type. 88
MISRA C:2012 11.5 (Advisory) A conversion should not be performed from pointer to void into pointer to object. 24
MISRA C:2012 11.6 (Required) A cast shall not be performed between pointer to void and an arithmetic type. 4
MISRA C:2012 15.4 (Advisory)There should be no more than one break or go-to statement used to terminate any iteration statement. 2
MISRA C:2012 18.8 (Required) Variable-length array types shall not be used. 33