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Table 7 Extract of the walkthrough report on selected coding/design rules

From: Development and validation of a safe communication protocol compliant to railway standards

Rule Comment
A module/component shall have a single well-defined task or function to fulfill; They all are straightforward.
Connections between modules/components shall be limited and strictly defined Ok.
Collections of subprograms shall be built providing several levels of modules/components; Done.
subprograms shall have a single entry and a single exit only; Done.
Modules/components shall communicate with other modules/components via their interfaces. Where global or common variables are used, they shall be well structured, access shall be controlled and their use shall be justified in each instance; Most of them share structured variables, and all the interfaces are used accordingly.
All module/component interfaces shall be fully documented They are well described and documented
  1. First column contains the rule description while the second contains auditor’s comment