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Table 1 Documentation plan for PVS

From: Development and validation of a safe communication protocol compliant to railway standards

Document number Document name CENELEC EN-50128 phase
4 Software verification plan Planning
5 Software validation plan Planning
6 Software requirements specification Software requirements
7 Overall software test specification Software requirements
9 Software architecture specification Architecture and design
10 Software design specification Architecture and design
11 Software interface specification Architecture and design
14 Software architecture and design verification report Architecture and design
15 Software component design specification Component design
16 Software component test specification Component design
17 Software component design verification report Component design
18 Software source code and supporting documentation Component implementation and testing
19 Software component test report Component implementation and testing
20 Software source code verification report Component implementation and testing
24 Overall software test report Overall software testing/final validation
25 Software validation report Overall software testing/final validation
27 Release note Overall software testing/final validation