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Table 6 Identified purposes

From: CFDSD: a Communication Framework for Distributed Software Development

CU ID Purpose Description
1 Action Incentive a site to take an action
2 Comm/Control Command /control
3 Adjustment Adjustment
4 Network Network
5 Social Social
6 Schedule Schedule
7 QO Query to the orchestrator
8 Wait Signal another to wait a moment.
9 QKB Query to the project knowledge basis
10 RQS Response for a query from a site
11 RQO Response for a query from orchestrator
12 DownTempl Download a project template artifact
13 Deliver Deliver task product to the project
14 Recalibrate Request to change the communication technique or technology
15 QS Query to a site
16 Reaffirm Reaffirm agreement or commitment, make communication
   in more formal way
17 QExt Query or download from external knowledge base
18 Noise Messages generated by the participants that are not related to
   the project or duplicated messages
19 Inform Notify all or a site for any purpose
20 RQEKB Response to the QEKB
21 QEKB Query to the external knowledge base