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Table 9 High-level context examples

From: Testing tools for Android context-aware applications: a systematic mapping

Brief descriptionLow-level contextsHigh-level context
If the user has stopped for more than 1 h since it is not at night, the application infers that the user is at rest for a long time and suggests that the user take a short walk or lengthen.Time, GPS, pedometer accelerometer, heartbeatLong rest
If the user is in full rest with low heart rate, the application infers that the user is sleeping and counts the duration of sleep as well as infers the quality of sleep based on the luminance, noise and amount of movements that the user makes while sleeping.Time, GPS, pedometer accelerometer, brightness, noise, heartbeatSleeping
If the user is walking, the application monitors the distance and speed. From this information and the user’s profile (weight and age) the application infers the amount of lost calories.GPS, pedometer, age, weightWalking
If the user is pedaling, the application infers that the user is riding a bike and then calculates the time, distance and lost calories.GPS, pedometer accelerometer, noise, heartbeatRiding a bike