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Table 2 Comparison between MediArch and related work

From: Software mediators as first-class entities of systems-of-systems software architectures

Comparison criteria Related work reference  
  [51] [17] [18] [43] [62] [36] [63] [8] [45] [65] [68] MediArch
Oriented to SoS X X     X X   X X X X
Oriented to mediators    X X X X   X     X
P1   X        X X X X
P2       X       X
P3 X   X   X     X X   X
P4      X       X X
P5             X
Quality attributes  
Cooperation     X         X
Integration X X X      X     X
Technical interoperability X X X X X    X X   X X
Syntactic interoperability    X         X X
Semantic interoperability       X   X     X
Organizational interop.     X X X    X    X
Portability             X
Flexibility X            X
Low-coupling     X        X X
Situation-aware             X
Centralized control X   X   X      X X X
Decentralized control             X
Full-decentralized control             X
Accountability             X
Maintainability     X         X
Modifiability     X         X
Separation of concerns     X         X
Adaptability     X   X   X     X
Scalability    X X         X
Fault-tolerance     X         X
Self-organization             X
Robustness            X X
Dynamic configuration X     X X X      X