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Table 4 TD items identified by the development team

From: Understanding automated and human-based technical debt identification approaches-a two-phase study

ID Type Location Description Principal Interest Interest Probability Intentional?
1 Design,,,, These classes have the attribute Employer Name, but this data is stored in an external database. Thus, it is not possible to access the employer information as we can do with the other information stored in the system database. High High High Yes
2 Documentation MALO_SGI Especificacao_Requisitos.doc The Module of Allocation does not have the requirements specification document. High High High Yes
3 Design alocacar(...) method This method checks the data about employers in Access database and, after, sort the data according to a set of criteria. However, the method is currently very large and need to refactored in small methods. Low Low Low No
4 Design customer inclusion (file company inclusion (file By entering a zip code in the inclusion of a company or customer, the system returns some districts as cities, but those districts do not exist on IBGE’s table. This fact can cause errors when an invoice is created. Medium Low Low No
5 Design Files and I need to make a verification with the activity name when I need to identify a service type or bill. This information is fixed in the code, and can bring errors when some update is performed or the data in database have incorrect names. Medium Low Medium Yes
6 Design File There is a need to locate the cost codes according to their numbering. However, this information is fixed in the code and any update or error on it can bring bad side effects to the system. Medium Low Medium Yes
7 Design File High consumption of memory causing stack overflow. This method needs to run every 2 min, but because of this problem it was only running once a day to keep the data updated. Medium Low Low No
8 Design File In the import of “Machine Daily,” it is necessary to associate the “Machine Daily 1” to “Machine Daily 2” (this mapping is one-to-one), but sometimes, we can have more than one Machine Daily 2. In this case, the system can only store the “machine daily 2” that arrived first, the second “machine daily 2” is lost. High Low Low Yes
9 Documentation Use cases of the Module of Billing Requests for change by the customer have been treated, but the description of use cases and their business rules have not been updated. Medium Medium High No
10 Test Several functionalities Deliveries of system functionalities for acceptance testing before system testing, due to customer pressure who wants to see the changes that have been addressed (weekly deploys). Medium Low High No
11 Design Many files of Tranship System and many files of an external system that is integrated to Tranship. Each system has its own database (both MySQL), but they have some entities in common, so some data are repeated. Besides, sometimes one table is more complete in one of the systems. The integration work was only performed for the employees table. High High High Yes
12 Defect cadatrarContratoApoioMaritimo method of Module of Operations. The contract can have a symbol or “adjustment percentual.” These points were not considered on the Module of Operations. Medium Medium High Yes
13 Defect excluirEmbarcacao method of Module Administrative A ship, even excluded, can be part of the division of the cost center associated with it. Medium High Medium Yes
14 Defect gerarRelatorioEstado method of Module of Operations A query to the database does not return old data that are still valid when the search date is the current date. Low Medium High Yes
15 Defect calcularValorServico method of Module of Operations The calculation of the Maritime Support Services value is incorrect due to a change occurred in how this calculation is made. Medium High High Yes
16 Defect gerarRelatorioLocalizacao method of Module of Operations This functionality is almost all incomplete. Medium Medium Medium Yes
17 Test Module of Operations It is a very complex module because there are dependencies between modules in the system, and this requires careful attention during testing execution. Medium High High Yes
18 Documentation Requirements specification and use case description for the Administrative and Alocation Modules The documentation must be always updated and the requirements gathering must be in accordance with customer needs. Frequent changes in these modules have been causing a lot of rework. Medium Medium High Yes
19 Design Cliente class In the Cliente form, sometimes due to lack of time when implementing any specific method in the system, the system loses quality. Medium Medium Low No
20 Test Forms The lack of test plans can bring problems after system deployment. Medium Medium Medium No
21 Usability All project forms The system should have a user interface “standard.” Medium Medium Medium No