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Table 2 Scenarios’ variable description and quantifier

From: An IoT sensor and scenario survey for data researchers

Variable Description Quantifier
Density (DEN) Density represents the quantity of sensors placed in one area. When the area has a single sensor, it is classified as “0.” If the area has up to five sensors, it is defined as “1”; over 5 and under 15 sensors, a “2” is allocated, and the density is “3” when there are more than 15 sensors in an area.
Mobility (MOB) This is the thing’s ability to change location in an area. “0” is attributed for a static sensor. If the sensor can change its location in a predefined route, it is classified as “1.” When the sensor has the ability to move across areas, it is given a “2.” And in the case of large changes, as in a city scale, it is represented as “3.”
Intensity (INT) This reflects the sensor’s data refresh rate. A higher refresh rate makes the data register more critical. Data refresh rate over 5 min are classified as,“0”; between 1 and 5 min as “1”; each minute as “2,” and real-time “3.”
Heterogeneity (HET) This denotes for the variety of data types and sensors in the context. Just one sensor with one data type is represented by “0.” A sensor with various data type is classified as “1”; various sensors with one data type are labeled “2,” and various sensors with various data type are classified as “3.”
Area (A) This is the geographical displacement of the things. A single room is represented as “0”; a single store building as “1”; more than one store building as “2”; “3” represents a smart city.
Human interface (HI) This variable registers the degree of interaction of the thing with a human being. Ranges from “ 0—not related” when the device is independent of human input, “1—weakly related” when the device/thing is used or held by a human, “2—moderately related” when the sensor is a wearable device, or “3—totally related” when it is a direct input interface (neurotransmitter) or implanted chip.
Actuability (ACT) This represents the capability of a thing in the system to act. Ranges from “sensor only” (0), “self-acting/self-reconfiguring” (1), “acts in the environment” (2) to “acts on an external thing or human being” (3).