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Table 9 Description of CEM tags that occurred in this study

From: On the identification of design problems in stinky code: experiences and tool support

Classification Tag Description
Complete failure I give up The developer is unable to identify design problems with Organic either because he does not know how to or because he does not have enough time, or will, or patience for it.
Partial failure I can do otherwise The developer manages to identify design problems in a way that is not optimal. For example, without using the most functionalities provided by Organic.
Temporary failure— communicate What now? The developer searches for a clue of what to do next and not searching for a specific functionality that will help in the identification of design problems.
Temporary failure— understand the rules What is this? The developer seems to be exploring the tool to gain more (or some) understanding of what a specific functionality achieves.
  Help! The developer deliberately calls a help function, using menus, dragging question marks, or asking for help.
  Why doesn’t it? The developer expects some sort of outcome from Organic, but does not achieve it. She steps through the path, again and again, to check that it is not working.