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Table 2 Types of code smell

From: On the identification of design problems in stinky code: experiences and tool support

Type Description
God class Long and complex class that centralizes the intelligence of the system
Brain method Long and complex method that centralizes the intelligence of a class
Data class Class that contains data but not behavior related to the data
Dispersed coupling The case of an operation which is excessively tied to many other operations in the system, and additionally these provider methods that are dispersed among many classes
Feature envy Method that calls more methods of a single external class than the internal methods of its own inner class
Intensive coupling When a method is tied to many other operations in the system, whereby these provider operations are dispersed only into one or a few classes
Refused bequest Subclass that does not use the protected methods of its superclass
Shotgun surgery This smell is evident when you must change lots of pieces of code in different places simply to add a new or extended piece of behavior
Tradition breaker Subclass that provides a large set of services that are unrelated to services provided by the superclass