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Table 5 Contributions of the research studies

From: Investigations into data published and consumed on the Web: a systematic mapping study

Contribution category Works
Analysis studies
 Barriers, challenges, and common issues W5, W6, W10, W13, W17, W22, W34, W39
 Data model W9
 Data on the Web cases W3, W15, W20
 Landscape W2, W3, W7, W23, W26, W33, W37
 Method W45
Comparative dtudies
 Data legal and political frameworks W16
 Methodologies for publication of data W35
Improvement of existing tool
 Addressing linked data features W11, W12
 Data model W6, W9, W21
 Data on the Web engineering process W1, W17, W18, W19, W21, W25, W28, W30, W31, W35, W38, W45
New tool proposal
 Architecture W8, W26, W36, W43
 Data consumption tool W4, W21, W29
 Platforms and frameworks W14, W22, W24, W36, W40, W44
Reporting works
 Linked data experiences W1, W6, W22, W25, W27, W40, W41, W46
 Open data experiences W32, W42