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Table 2 File and function descriptions for the diagram in Figs. 4 b and 5

From: Rain gauge simulator and first tests with a new mobile climate alert system in Brazil

File name (Fig. 4 b) Description
Dcp_data.dat Input data for a collection of DCPs (see
  Table 1)
DCP_config.dat Input of simulation-dependent variable
  and parameters
DCP_ID.dat Output vector of tipping times in Julian
  Date for a given DCP
DCP_hydro.dat Integrated output pluviograph of a
  given DCP
DCP_alert.dat Sequence of issued alert types and times
  for a given DCP
Function name (Fig. 5)  
GeneratePrecipitation() Responsible for fitting a stochastic model
  to generate gauge tippings
WriteDCPTippings() Collects tipping times in Julian dates for
  a given DCP
CalculatePluviographs() Integrates rain volumes within a given time
WritePluviographs() Write output of CalculatePluviographs()
GenerateAlerts() Responsible for running the simulator logic
  of alert generation
DispatchAlert() Responsible for dispatching a sequence of
  alerts to the user alert zone