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Table 1 Type and variable descriptions used in Fig. 4 a

From: Rain gauge simulator and first tests with a new mobile climate alert system in Brazil

Variable Type Description
PCD-ID string Input: DCP identification number associated to an address
Table name string Input: DCP type
Lat string Input: DCP or alert zone latitude
Lon string Input: DCP or alert zone longitude
Radius double Input: DCP alert zone radius (in kilometers)
Initial date Julian Date Input: DCP initial working date in Julian dates
Simultime double Input: complete DCP simulation period
PercentCoverage double Input: percent of simulation time covered by rainfall
Beta double Simulation input parameter (see Eq. 1)
Gamma double Simulation input parameter (see Eq. 1)
FreqRain double Input: rain generation rate within the simulation period
ATimeout double Input: alert time-out period
CriticalVol double Input: critical volume triggering an alarm
BTimes Julian Date Output: tipping times as a vector of dates
Volume double Output: rain volume in millimeters
AlertTimes Julian Date Output: date of the DCP alert issuing
AlertType int Output: integer returning alert severity
TotalVolume double Output: total amount of rain