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Table 2 Working parameters

From: A novel caching algorithm for VoD proxy implementation and its evaluation including a new set of metrics for efficiency analysis

Acronym Parameter name Standard value Range Step
TR Video transmission rate (Mbps) 5
NB Max. proxy-server net. bandwidth (streams) 200; 700 200–700 50
MS Memory size (GB) 14 4–14 1
VL Video length (min) 90 (=3.4 GB) 90–240 (=3.4–9.15 GB) 30
NV Number of videos 100 50–150 10
ZC Zipf coefficient - θ (skew) 0.271 0–1 0.25
IA Average interval between arrivals - λ (sec) 3 1–10 1
SD Simulation duration (min) VL + 1500 rounds of service
TW Time window size (sec) 1–300 1
SS Segment size (seconds of video) 1 (≈0.63 MB)
  1. The third column shows the standard value to be used when the parameter considered is not under variation. Otherwise, the fourth and fifth columns present the range and the increment step, respectively, to perform the parameter variation