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Table 1 Original Mac-Morpho tagset with 22 tags, without including punctuation tags

From: Evaluating word embeddings and a revised corpus for part-of-speech tagging in Portuguese

Tag Meaning
ADJ Adjective
ADV Adverb
ADV-KS Subordinating connective adverb
ADV-KS-REL Subordinating relative adverb
ART Article
CUR Currency
IN Interjection
KC Coordinating conjunction
KS Subordinating conjunction
N Noun
NPROP Proper noun
NUM Number
PCP Participle
PDEN Denotative word
PREP Preposition
PROADJ Adjective pronoun
PRO-KS Subordinating connective pronoun
PRO-KS-REL Subordinating connective relative pronoun
PROPESS Personal pronoun
PROSUB Nominal pronoun
V Verb
VAUX Auxiliary verb