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Table 2 Probe categories

From: Testing the robustness of controllers for self-adaptive systems

Probe usage category Controller stage Input usage Example Rainbow/
Analysis The controller analyzes the current state Anomaly detection Rainbow checks whether the current response time
  of the target system for detecting anomalies   (through response time probes) in is above
  and triggering adaptation if needed   the maximum acceptable response time threshold
Planning The controller determines if any adaptation Adaptation plan If the maximum response time is above threshold,
  plans can be applied to the system and selection Rainbow detects anomaly and determines the best
  selects the best alternative   adaptation strategy (based on response time and
    server fidelity probes)
Execution The controller executes the selected Control action Rainbow executes the selected adaptation strategy
  course of action selection for reducing response time (monitors response time,
    server fidelity, and server load probes)