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Table 12 Main reasons for the agile methods adoption

From: The evolution of agile software development in Brazil

Reason Companies Some statements
Faster delivery of customer value A, B, C, D, E, F, G “To deliver value in shorter cycles, avoiding to anticipate details that we would have to change anyway in the future, generating waste”. (Company G)
Improve software quality A, B, C, D, E “Today refactoring, continuous integration, continuous deployment, tests, metrics became part of our DNA”. (Company A)
Improve social aspects A, B, C, E, F “We began focusing people and the role of each person within the process. It is not easy to be transparent, it is difficult to change the mental model, and that is why we began with that”. (Company F)
Improve alignment between IT and business A, C, E “After (implementing XP) we adopted Scrum (...) which encouraged the establishment of management practices and the focus on the company strategy”. (Company A)
Increase productivity B, E, F “Since we began with agile methods, we have delivered several products and we did not have to stay overnight. This has never existed. In the past, every project had at least 4–6 people working until late at night during the last week before project delivery. This do not exist anymore”. (Company F)