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Table 5 Ranking strategies modeled in the belief network model

From: Evaluation of parameters for combining multiple textual sources of evidence for Web image retrieval using genetic programming

Ranking approach \(P(i_j|q)\)
Description tags \(\eta \times RD_{j,q}\)
Meta tags \(\eta \times RM_{j,q}\)
Passage/full text \(\eta \times RP_{j,q}\)
Description + meta tags \(\eta \times [1-(1-RD_{j,q}) \times (1-RM_{j,q})]\)
Description + passage/full text \(\eta \times [1-(1-RD_{j,q}) \times (1-RP_{j,q})]\)
Passage/full text + meta tags \(\eta \times [1-(1-RP_{j,q}) \times (1-RM_{j,q})]\)
Description + meta tags + passage/full text \(\eta \times [1-(1-RD_{j,q}) \times (1-RM_{j,q})\times (1-RP_{j,q})]\)