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Table 2 Time Periods (τ) with relative-resilience (c) under parallel attack (). Each row corresponds to a different 〈n,f〉 configuration. Each column (below the top merged cell defining τmax) corresponds to a specific relative-resilience factor c. τ is a measure of time normalized to the ETTF of the reference system 〈1,0〉, i.e., such that μ1,0=1. Each cell, intersection of a column with value c and a row with configuration 〈n,f〉, contains the maximum mission time value (τmax) for which the relative-resilience of the 〈n,f〉 configuration is at least c. Values τmax are highlighted in slightly larger font-size if the respective c is valid for τ up to at least 1

From: On the reliability and availability of replicated and rejuvenating systems under stealth attacks and intrusions